New Pup Owners
Here are some Nice Pictures of Recent Pup Owners

Mango Labradoodle makes the Miami Herald on which dog is favorite for Obama Family ( Mango is one of Raisin & Charlie Pup from Bay Lake Doodles

(see photo below )

Ana writes " Mango will not bite a reporter hahaha he is the sweetest Doodle ever " another Bay Lake Beauty I say Marcia the breeder

We have Flown Puppies all over the US like CT, Maine, Ma, Ca, Georgia, NC, NJ, NY, Pa, Co and more and of course Florida. Many of our pups live in South Florida, Tampa, St Pete, Naples, Clearwater and North Florida Too.

Colby live in Tampa with Josh
Josey live with her family and Sayge in St Pete
Diedra has two of our Choc Pups from 2012 and 2013 litters in Lake Mary Fla They are loved !

Kari in St Pete with Vinny
Buster lives in St Pete with Ned
Herbie went to love with Eric last yr and is Loved and Spoiled Rotten, see him here at the Beach ! Herbie fathered some wonderful Pups for me and was retired in the hands of a great guy that says he is Perfect thanks you Eric for loving my boy Herbie...

Maggie May loves the beach and all the Campling Trips and Fishing trips they take her on. 7 mo old here and what a fabulous shot
Darby Doodle Ft Lauderdale was just a mere pup 9 yrs ago what a great picture of Darby and many thanks to Tom for sending in update 6/11 SHE LOOKS FABULOUS AT 9 !
LuLu completed her service dog training ! see reference Hello, Marsha! hello and let you know how wonderful LuLu is doing. LuLu has completed a service dog training with St. Luke's Church and is now a Canine Crusader who visits retirement/nursing homes and hospitals. The residents REALLY love her. I've attached a few pictures for you to enjoy. Hope all is well! Stefanie

Shaman showing off his Red Alligator Collar Just simply beautiful professional photo
Oliver Kessenburg in Boca ! Is well loved !
Hannah's Golden Doodle Puppy Jan 09

Micro Mini bred here at Bay Lake she is Evie's First Puppy 2008 and is only 10 lbs full grown Opie now Lives with her new Mom in Virginia
Opie again !
Molly & Chaz Dunlap are from same litter and live with the Dunlap family 5/09

Daisy lives with Rip 1/2 yr in Montana and 1/2 yr in Palm Beach 5 below in MT 2009
Cooper Cook Puppy got himself some surf and sand and a starfish way to go Cooper I can tell you will be a great Gator fan Puppy
Steve Cook & Family show off their wonderful Golden Doodle Puppy COOPER at the beach 12/18/09

Another Golden Doodle will go to Germany and live with his new Family 8/11/11
Connie & Husband Bear Came to Visit me and our Bay Lake Doodles 11/2/13 with their Doodles Rudy from Bay Lake Doodles In Picture is our Girl Java Rudy in Middle and Thelma Doodle
The Bedoya Family in Jacksonville Fl Holiday 2013 BEAUTIFUL FAMILY

Amber Calhoun taking Gilda's Pup Dozer home
Karen -Jim -Alexis of Naples Fl 12/9/13 Leaving for Home with new Puppy
Lee Ann & Paul come from Naples to get their 2nd Doodle from Bay Lake in 10 yrs We ar so happy they choose Lucinda's Black Female

Holly Murray 7:55 AM (4 hours ago) to me Hi Marcia, it's the Murray family from Viera! Today is Indy's 1st birthday and I wanted to let you know that she is happy & healthy here! She is now 48 lbs. and has made friends with a local golden doodle named Angel. We just love her and can't stop snuggling in her soft fur (that doesn't shed or make us sneeze!). She just took a shopping cart ride to Petco to pick out a toy, which had to be a nice, tuff squeaky with her tough jaws and some pink tennis balls. She loves to run around our back yard and play catch. She hasn't warmed up to the pool yet but does like to dig in our sand pit! Hope you have a nice holiday! ~ Holly Murray
New Addition to the Hooper family in Windermere Fl they have Doodle already from us that is 10 now and nothing greater than a Boy and his new Best Friend Make your own website